Custom Skids

When you’re after the ultimate convenience, Chapman Electric can put together all your electrical systems and mount them onto/inside a steel base, conex, etc… Testing it before it gets shipped out.

(That means running all the faults making sure that each piece of equipment does exactly what it’s told).

Giving you a reliable and high quality product.

Looking for an alternative to large or small equipment?

Our custom skids provide a cost effective alternative for placing equipment such as; MCC’s, Pump Systems, Compressors, Motors, etc… Mounted on a portable steel base, in a conex box, or whatever the job may require we will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Our skids are built using rugged, High Quality material for long-lasting performance:


  • Base built with steel I-Beams and Gussets.
  • Sizing and Reinforcement for project load requirements.


  • Base designed to handle more than 300psf floor loads.
  • Designed and built to meet the job requirements.
  • Also, available is epoxy paint with polyurethane topcoat for durability and corrosion-resistance.

Assembled in compliance with the NEC and NFPA. UL Listed, and Virtually Turn-Key. Whatever the job requires; we have the solution! When you choose our custom skids, you’re getting a strong foundation that can literally move you. Engineered to Spec. Built To Last.

Custom Skids
Custom Skids