About Us

Where the saying goes, “Our Business Is Keeping You In Business”. We are a premier Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contractor providing full service from Design and Build to Maintenance.

Why Chapman?

  • Proven and Dependable Since 1982
  • Quality is the Standard
  • Safety is the Priority
  • Committed to Our Customers
  • 24 Hours a Day; 7 Days a Week

We build long lasting relationships and trusting relationships with our customers. Also, using them as suppliers whenever possible.

Our Specialties Include:


  • Power Distribution (Design and Build)
  • Automation Enhancement
  • AC/DC Motor Controls
  • Custom Motor Control (Design and Build)
  • Custom Skids (Design and Build)
  • UL Listing
  • PLC Systems and DCS Systems
  • Earth Ground and Continuity Testing
  • Variable Frequency Motor Controls
  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Thermography.
Chapman Electrical Contracting